Working Environment



Experience & Engagement

Our intentional focus on assisting you to build the most efficient, welcoming, and remarkable workplace possible ensures that you are able to satisfy or exceed all of your firm’s stakeholders objectives, needs, wants and expectations.

The scope of our offer include all of the necessary aspects of workplace engagement and customer experience solutions. The most successful businesses across all market segments tend to place excellent customer experiences and proactive employee engagement at the forefront of everything that they do. However, we recognize within legal and professional firms that there is zero-tolerance for error and an expectation of perfection and to that end this objective is magnified. Therefore, we embrace your firm’s pursuit of service excellence, without question, with everything that we do with you to achieve this lofty goal.

We concentrate our solutions in three critical areas of your workplace:

  • Working environment
  • Management of information and knowledge
  • Engagement with your internal customers and external clients

Working Environment

The physical environment of your workplace significantly affects your people, your customers, and your guests. We view this as only the start of creating a great place to work and a welcoming place to visit. Your workplace requires far more than what people can connect with on a physical level, but more what they feel on an emotional level.

"There are risks and cost to any program of action, but they are far less then the long-range risks and cost of comfortable inaction."

President John F. Kennedy

Your Working Environment may include:

Physical Workspace Layout

Design focusing equally on the overall workspace as well as your stakeholders' personal space

Healthy environment

Assess and designing a healthy environment that promotes the overall well-being of your people, your clients, and your guests

Employing Design Thinking

To ensure that your workplace is agile, user-friendly, inviting, promotes productivity, efficiency and exploits all available cost-saving solutions.

"Knowledge is power.
Knowledge shared is power multiplied"

Robert Boyce

Management of Information and Knowledge

The practical and efficient management of your firm's information and knowledge has never been more critical than today. Communication and the transfer of your business knowledge move at lightning speed. Consequently, your margin for error is slim, especially in our new digital age of information creation, collection, storage, collaboration and distribution. This only increases the importance of developing an effective strategy for the management of your firm’s knowledge and information assets. We recognize that legal and professional firms are unique in the fact that your expertise and experience are the actual product that you deliver to your clients. Therefore, the support of the effective and efficient delivery of these core assets is vital to your success.

Service areas of knowledge and information management in the workplace include:

Document creation

Document processing, desktop publishing, creative design, and web development

Information distribution

Traditional mail and courier management, incoming, internal, and outbound document scanning.

Document reproduction

Centralized and distributed printing, copying and associated services.

Knowledge storage and retrieval

Physical records storage, electronic collection, electronic cloud-based information storage sharing and publishing

Customer Experience and Employee Engagement

We can ensure that your workplace works! Very importantly, your firm's support personnel must be fully engaged in the vision and mission of your core business. We believe that happy and loyal customers depend on fully engaged and satisfied employees; you cannot have one without the other. Critically, Persona will help you precisely align your Employee Engagement (EE) with your desired Customer Experience (CX) in order to fully exploit every opportunity to meet or exceed your operational, financial and social objectives.

"To win in the marketplace you must first win in the workplace."

Douglas Conant

Services areas that are the most critical include:

Welcome Services

Reception, switchboard, and concierge services.

Assistance Services

Help desks, floor ambassadors, and service assistants

Meeting & Collaboration

Conference and meeting room management, events management, service point management, and catering services

Asset management

Audio/visual/technical assets and assistance, stationery and supplies management, marketing collateral storage and distribution