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Our aim is to assist you in building an environment where your business is efficient, your people are productive and your customers are happy.

A consulting practice - built for purpose

Persona is an end-to-end service and solutions partner providing expert advice, insightful service design and thoughtful solutions exclusively for today's evolving legal & professional service workplaces.

We believe that a workplace is not a specific office or facility at all; it is more of an ecosystem where people interact, create, think, collaborate, engage, and where work ultimately gets done.

Thoughtful solutions for today's evolving workplace

Your firm is at the center of everything that we do

We provide firms with cost savings and operational efficiencies, along with solutions that deliver flawless customer experiences through the constant engagement of all of your stakeholders: your people, your clients, your business partners, and your guests.

Every solution that we propose will place your unique culture at the center of everything we do


Provide service enhancements and cost savings to all aspects of your workplace


Thoughtfully and creatively designed to take full advantage of present and future opportunities


Proving new and groundbreaking views that challenge traditional thoughts and introduce more forward-looking methods.

Working Environment

The physical environment of your workplace significantly affects your people, your customer and your guests.

Management of Information & Knowledge

Holistic approach to knowledge and information management while taking full advantage of innovation without the loss of personalization.

Customer Experience & Employee Engagement

To fulfill both the needs of your people and the people that they serve, we concentrate on both the intention and purpose to deliver what makes people happy.

Agile, dynamic and a welcoming workplace

We can assist you in building an agile, dynamic, and welcoming workplace where your business is efficient, your people are productive, and your customers are delighted. We are not satisfied until we work with you in order to develop a working environment that positively impacts your firm's top-line performance and bottom-line results.

"In business, you get what you want by giving other people what they want."

Alice Foote Foote MacDougall.
Businesswoman & Entrepreneur

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Delighting customers
doesn’t build loyalty.

Reducing customers
effort does”

Harvard Business Review